Keep Your New Year’s Resolution with “Learn to Bowl”

Nearly a month ago you raised a glass and cheered “Happy New Year!”, or watched fireworks and counted loudly together with the over-excited crowd “Ten… nine… eight… seven… six…” You cheered to a new beginning, welcomed new possibilities, and dreamed of a newer, fresher you. Maybe you resolved to learn something new this year, to start a consistent exercise routine, or try to socialize more with friends. Maybe you resolved to get better at meeting new people.

But now that the time of making resolutions is officially over, you let that resolve and determination dwindle and fade away. We get it. Learning something new is hard. Meeting new people falls too much out of your comfort zone. Taking steps to a newer you takes conscious effort, and who has the time and the energy for that in the middle of winter?

The good news is that some activities, like bowling, don’t require much of you but offer a lot in return. Bowling does not require any prerequisites or any special abilities. You can be the best athlete, a former world champion, or a couch potato – it does not matter, you will still have tons of fun doing it! It is true that in many sports and activities you have to learn first and get good at it, and only then you will have fun. Bowling is unique in the sense that you can begin to enjoy it from the very first throw.

An average bowler burns the same number of calories in a 3 game session as someone who’s walked a mile. Bowling helps strengthen muscles and improve balance and flexibility. It also teaches you to focus. In the world of constant digital distractions when we so rarely get to focus on one thing – bowling offers you that opportunity. Forget about beeps and notifications. Focus on the ball and on conquering the lane.

You will improve your social life, too. Pin Chasers offers a non-competitive, friendly environment where everyone is welcome and accepted. You will find friends who will cheer for you on your every turn, regardless of the results.

People bowling

The good news is that we made it super easy to stick to your resolutions – whether it is learning something new or meeting new people, or spending more time with friends. Starting in February, you can come and learn to bowl here at Pin Chasers for free. You will have the freedom to go at your own pace, set your own goals and achieve them if you like, or simply enjoy the process. And you will have our family cheering for you every step of the way.

Remember, learning does not have to be a long and hard journey. It can be just fun and relaxing. Meeting people or socializing with friends can go hand-in-hand with learning something new or getting out of your comfort zone. Here at Pin Chasers, we can teach anyone to bowl. We focus on the process, not the result. We focus on the fun, and we focus on YOU.

So whether you’re an introvert or a life of the party, single or coupled, young or old, even if you’ve never held a ball in your hands – we promise you will feel welcome and supported here.

Still undecided? There is more. After you complete our free Learn to Bowl classes, we will give you $10 in Rewards Cash that you can spend at Pin Chasers on bowling, food, beverages and in our exciting GameZone arcade. The card also lets you unlock our exclusive offers and coupons. That’s how much we want you to try and keep that New Year’s resolution.

And after Learn to Bowl classes are over, we encourage you to join our amazing Lousy Bowlers League. See? There is no pressure to excel. It’s all about meeting people, having fun, and just being you – all while learning a new skill.

It has never been so easy to keep a resolution.

Classes start the first and second week of February, click here for more details.

If February is not a good time for you, we’re offering free Learn to Bowl classes again in the fall, so be sure to sign up to our newsletter to receive notifications.