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Chanel Transforms Bowling Into A Chic Fashion Statement

Bowling isn’t a term usually associated with the word “chic” — but high fashion brands are proving otherwise. If anyone can make bowling look glamorous, it’s Chanel. French director Jean-Paul Goude brings a new light to the lanes by showing the world a whole other side of bowling. Photo: Courtesy… Read More

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Bowling for Beginners: It’s Easier Than you Think

We understand that not everyone is a bowling expert. Beginners, we’ve got you covered. Ramps allow everyone to participate The ramps were originally used for wheelchairs and handicapped individuals but have also been adapted for children ages five and under.  The ramps are used to encourage anyone — regardless of any… Read More

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5 Reasons to Go Bowling This Summer

It’s time to start planning summer activities. When the weather heats up, most kids are perfectly happy camping out in front of a video game. Don’t settle for screen time. Here are five reasons to sign your kids up for a summer camp or play together in a summer league. Read More

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Quick tips to becoming a better bowler

Still throwing gutter balls? Bowling, like most other sports, requires time and practice if you want to improve your skills. So don’t worry if you’re not bowling a perfect 300 every game – you’ll get there with practice and dedication! We put together tips and tricks that will help increase your score… Read More

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Choosing the perfect house bowling ball

Ever gotten your fingers stuck in the holes of a bowling ball when you’re trying to throw it? Not sure how to choose the right house ball from all of those colorful globes on the racks lining the walls? Follow these tips, and you’ll find a suitable bowling ball in… Read More

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Weird but True: Bowling’s Fun Facts

Bowling has been around for ages and spans all continents in nations – but it takes many forms.  Here are a few fun facts you may have never heard before. A sport as old as … the written word? According to the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, a… Read More

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How good is your bowling lingo?

You’ve heard bowling terms before: Chicken Wing, Bedpost, Love Tap. These ridiculous sayings have rooted themselves deep into bowling culture and it’s about time you know what some of them mean. Let’s take a look at some of the most ridiculous bowling terms and their definitions. That way, you can… Read More

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5 Ways Bowling Helps You Stay Healthy

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution to get (or remain) healthy in 2015? If you did – you’re not alone! Many people choose to make better decisions when it comes to their health around the New Year. We’ve got some good news – like most sports,… Read More

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10 Tips for Better Bowling Etiquette

Woman practices good bowling etiquette at bowling alley

Bowling is a fun hobby, whether you’re a professional league bowler or someone who likes to knock down some pins on the weekend. Either way you spin it, there is basic bowling etiquette that everyone should know before stepping into a bowling center. 1. Be ready to… Read More

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